Are you ready to get organized? Do you spend a lot of time looking for your something or other? Do you keep buying duplicates because you don’t know where you put it? Can you use some extra time in your day? YES?? Aunt Tootsie can help!

Whether it’s too much clutter in your house (or your second home- the car!) or on your calendar, 21times can help you declutter, organize, and set up new systems to streamline your life.

Aunt Tootsie and her 21times team offer hands-on organizing, consulting, time management, paper filing,  home offices, budgeting, relocation services, unpacking and speaking engagements to your group or company.

We provide tools and solutions, tips and tricks to get and keep you organized. We’ll give you the skills you’ll need to maintain your new space finding systems that work for you and your life. When you’re organized you save time and money, and who doesn’t love that?!

It’s our job to make your life easier. It’s our mission to make it fun!