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Hi, I’m Aunt Tootsie!! Find out more about me below.

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Tara Kenavan is an expert in residential organizing and productivity.  Tara’s goal is to help people with too much stuff and not enough time find a balance between chaos and the life they envision.

Born and raised in New York, the youngest of five, Tara spent many Saturday afternoons “sneaking” into siblings bedrooms to organize. Later, she spent years organizing tiny New York City apartments and filled-to-the-brim Long Island houses.  Her no nonsense and “let’s get it done” approach has helped hundreds of clients change their lives. During these years, along with 10 nieces and nephews,  “Aunt Tootsie” was born.  It was a role of a lifetime for Tara and she threw herself into it, realizing maybe she’s not so tough, after all! Before she knew it, she was simply known to everyone as “Toots”. As any aunt worth her salt knows, EVERYTHING can be fun – even the things you don’t  want to do (did somebody say organize?!). Toots is able to adjust the tasks at hand into habits that you can develop, live with and maintain. She’s fast, she’ll tell you like it is and she won’t waste your time – why, you might even have fun!!!

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A graduate of Stonehill College, Tara is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She served on the NAPO-Los Angeles Board of Directors 2012-2015. Tara chaired The Seventh Annual Organizing Awards and was honored with the prestigious “Raising the Bar” award.

Why 21times?

It takes 21 times to make or break a habit. Take anything you want to do, say you’re tired of spending time looking for your keys…okay, put a bowl by the front door. You walk in, throw the keys on the counter and then remember- “no, put them in the bowl”. So you put them in the bowl. Next time, you put them in your pocket and think “nope, the bowl!” After 21 times, it becomes second nature…21 times to form a habit, 21times to change your life!

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