Aunt Tootsie’s Tips!

Make it fun. How about throwing in a scavenger hunt? Whoever finds the long-time missing and absolutely must find thing-a-ma-jig wins a prize or gets to skip a night of doing dishes…use your imagination and make it fun!! Then move onto the next project. It’s a great time to start teaching the kid’s how to do things. Here’s where you need to let go of “perfect” a little. For example, towels don’t need to be folded a certain way – they really don’t. A ten year old will load the dishwasher like a ten year old – not like you – but hey, the dishwasher is loaded…let it be! A good time to implement new chores is during summer or a school break. Be sure to incorporate these new chores into the schedule on a regular basis so when school starts again, the routine is already in place and expectations are already being met!!

Too many CD’s? Transfer to your computer (be sure to back up ), lose the case, keep the jacket and get a nice carrying case to put them in. You’d be surprised how much space you can regain! 

We’ve all gone to the store with a “mental” note and we’ve all returned home without one, two, three items that we really needed. Make a list!

This will save you time, money and your sanity. Have an ongoing list that you can just grab on your way out the door or make a list of “the regulars” on your computer and simply check off what you need. You can get fancy with your list and make categories (produce, condiments, etc) or stores (grocery, drugstore, etc.) if you that helps-it helps me! But the key is to have it written down so you don’t leave the store without something. It also helps me to cross off the items once they are in the basket. Then STICK to the list! This will save you time because you’re not browsing the aisles and money because you’re not buying something you don’t need!

Give it a whirl and let us know how it works!