Why should you hire a professional organizer?

Organizing is not a one-time project, it’s a new lifestyle. A professional organizer can help you declutter,  organize and develop new systems that will keep you organized. We’ll load you up with tips and tricks to help along the way so you can maintain the systems long after we’re gone!

Are you going to make me get rid of everything?

No way!! Absolutely not!! I would hate if someone came into my home and made me get rid of my stuff!!! I will, however, make suggestions and help you make decisions about what may or may not fit your vision of the space based on what we discuss. YOU will make all decisions. After all, it’s YOUR stuff!

Do I have to be there?

While the process works best with you present to make decisions, it’s not always necessary. We will need you at some point to work with us and make decisions. When we work together, you begin to learn basic skills of organizing so you can maintain the systems after the session and we love that!

How much do you charge?

We charge by the hour. Contact us to discuss your specific project.

How long does it take?

There are a few factors involved in how long a project takes. The size and function of the space, the amount of items in the space, how quickly you make decisions, how fast you can work (we can work really fast!), and ultimately how ready you are to take the next step. There is no right or wrong speed – everyone is different.

Is it confidential?

Yes! Always! Absolutely! We will never discuss anything about your home, your project or you without permission. What does that mean? Sometimes, we use before and after pictures or write case studies but only with your permission. We make sure you can not be identified by the pictures and we make sure you make sure, too! No exceptions!

What does 21times mean?

It takes 21 times to make or break a habit. Whenever I said that to clients they would say “You say that A LOT!” Ha! 21times Professional Organizing was born!

Who is “Aunt Tootsie”? 

That’s me! I have 10 amazing nieces and nephews whom I adore. Yep, I’m pretty lucky!